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The Lobby at SurgiCare Day Surgery Center in Dallas.

Spiritual Support

Our facility is part of the Baylor Health Care System and as such we provide access for you to the Chaplains and Pastoral Care Volunteers, who as people of Christian commitment affirm an environment where “people of all faiths and those of none may come with equal confidence.”  


Chaplains and pastoral care volunteers foster respect for the individual spiritual and emotional needs of the patients, families and staff we serve. By compassionate service to people in chaotic or jubilant times, we confirm the sacredness of life, The Pastoral Care staff helps people by providing:

  • a listening ear when you need to talk through something that is troubling you
  • an objective mind to assist you in making important decisions regarding your care
  • support as you seek to make your faith a source of comfort and power in your healing and recuperation
  • practical help and comfort in times of grief and in crisis situations
  • scripture and prayer in times of need
  • an available presence to support you during your hospitalization.
  • assistance in contacting your clergy to celebrate sacraments or perform rituals


The Pastoral Care Volunteers minister by providing varying services, which include

  • individual visits tor emotional and spiritual support
  • information about pastoral care
  • direct emotional & spiritual support

Access to professionally trained chaplains who perform a number of ministries including:

  • making visits to you and your family prior to your visit
  • visiting upon request prior to admission
  • responding to medical emergencies
  • involving you and your family in support groups as needed
  • providing counseling to deal with crisis


Chaplains are always available; you may request to speak a chaplain by calling 214-820-2542 or the Dial-a-Prayer Line at 214-820-2333. Please let our staff knew if they can assist you in contacting a chaplain or the Dial-e-Prayer Line.

We Welcome Your Suggestions

Please ask for any staff member, manage, the administrator or medical director regarding suggestions or concerns you may have to improve care you have received at our center.

If you prefer suggestions or concerns may be submitted online at

The main goal of the surgery center is to provide excellent care to every patient. Every patient is encourage to ask questions.

The surgery center provides for and welcomes the expression of grievances/complaints and suggestions regarding patient care and safety by the patient and patient's family at all times. This feedback allows the center to understand and improve the patient's care and environment.

Every patient has the right to address these concerns.