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The Lobby at SurgiCare Day Surgery Center in Dallas.

Hospital Partner

Disclosure of Physicians Ownership Interest

Due to your physician's concern over improving the quality and reducing the cost of medical procedures, along with a number of other physicians, he or she may have invested in Dallas Surgical Partners, DBA. Your physician's ownership interest in Dallas Surgical Partners does however mean that your physician may benefit from choosing to perform your surgical procedure at this facility. The investment provides your physician an opportunity to retain quality control over your medical procedures, and to insure that your medical costs are reasonable.

  • Baylor SurgiCare located at 3920 Worth St. Dallas, TX 75246

  • Physicians DaySurgery Center located at 3930 Crutcher St. Dallas, TX 75246

Your physician hereby advises you that you have the right to choose to be treated at another facility and select a doctor that is not invested in the hospital.

We are proud to be affiliated with Baylor Scott & White Health.†

†Joint Venture between Baylor Scott & White Health and United Surgical Partners International, Inc .

Please feel free to request more information about this partnership from any of our staff.